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Emirates4you was founded in 2015 and has made many customers happy in recent years. We have always been open to the wishes and ideas of our customers and have therefore decided to expand our website.

Today Emirates4you Tour & Safari is an open marketplace for everyone. We work with different categories:

  • Activities
  • One Time Events
  • Tickets
  • Hotel
  • Rent car
  • Boat rental
  • Round trips
  • Restaurants

This is the only way we can offer our customers the best leisure time experience. We not only address tourists but also residents.

For our reach, we use social media, leisure and travel exhibitions and of course Google-friendly SEO. Our marketing is very target group-oriented, and you can participate in it.

Our different booking categories are divided into two groups:

Tour operators, car & boat rental companies, providers of activities & tickets can register for free and we work together on a commission basis only.

Restaurants, hotels and roundtrip providers can choose from 2 membership plans (monthly or annual payment) with a maximum of 10 dirhams per day. You can create as many rooms, menus or trips as you like, there will be no limit and no additional costs.


To become part of us, you have to register with your email address and verify it.

For the security of our customers, we also need your business license and business insurance documents.


After you have entered all the data, choose the plan that suits you.

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