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For this, we have our FAQs (most frequently asked questions) and regularly publish articles on all questions about the UAE in our blog posts.

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When you want to visit a new travel destination, you often have many questions about the weather, country and life, means of payment and currency, public transport, rental cars and road traffic and so on. In the FAQ`s we will answer some things shortly.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are located on the Arabian Peninsula directly on the Persian Gulf and thus belongs to Asia. The neighboring countries on the mainland are Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman. The UAE consists of 7 emirates, the largest of which, Abu Dhabi, is also the capital of the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates are a modern, cosmopolitan and multicultural country. It is an Islamic country and is open and tolerant of all other religions. This is of course also reflected in the clothing rules.

People dress normally here, but not too provocative. On the street, in shopping malls, in restaurants, or in public buildings, it is not desirable to appear in bathing suits, but you would not do that at home either. Every type of swimwear is allowed on the beach, but you have to do without “topless” or “nudism”.

There are dress codes in the mosques: For men – no shorts (knee-length shorts are allowed) and no sleeveless tops (short sleeves are allowed). For women – ankle-length and long-sleeved clothing that does not fit too tightly and a cloth that covers the hair. In the Grand Mosque, every woman can borrow an abaya in different colors free of charge and put it after visiting the Mosque in the laundry bin.

Weather: it is generally very warm in the UAE, which is why hotels, taxis, buses, shopping malls, restaurants, and public buildings are air-conditioned. For this, it would be good to always bring a light jacket or a scarf so that it doesn’t get too cold. In the winter months (November to April) it cools down very quickly in the evening. It can even get up to 6 degrees cold in the desert at night. There are also strong fog and air humidity. Here you shouldn’t do without warmer clothing to feel good.

The currency in the United Arab Emirates is called the Dirham and is either abbreviated as AED or DH.

Banknote denominations: 5 AED, 10 AED, 20 AED, 50 AED, 100 AED, 200 AED and 500 AED. There are also the coins 1 dirham, 50 files, 25 files, 10 files, 5 files, and 1 file. The 1, 5, and 10 files are bronze-colored and quite rare in everyday life. The 25 and 50 files and the 1 dirham are silver-colored and often found.

A rough rule of thumb for exchanges: 1 EURO is around 4 DIRHAM, 1 USD is a little less. If you’re traveling here and something costs 100 dirhams, that’s roughly the equivalent of around 25 euros. If you want to tip the taxi driver or the bellhop 5 dirhams, that’s about 1.25 euros.

You can pay with all types of credit or master cards in addition to “cash”. In the malls, in many hotel lobbies, and on the street near banks, there are so-called “ATMs” that are ATMs where you can withdraw cash.

Don’t forget that you often have to have your credit card approved for use abroad by your bank. Otherwise, you will be without a working credit card and have to communicate with your bank from here.

In principle, every tour can be cancelled. You can find the information on every tour in the “Additional Information”. There you will find the time at which you will get 100% of your money back. In most cases, this is 12 or 24 hours before the tour should start. There are also a few exceptions where this time is longer.

Important: Tickets booked for visiting attractions can not be cancelled. 

If you cancel, you will get the money back the same way you paid.

Note: It can sometimes take up to 5 working days for the money to be credited back to you. That depends on your bank and the chosen payment method.

Of course, you know the difference between these two terms.
But what exactly is behind it?
In many cases, you can book the desired activity, tour, safari immediately. Availability is guaranteed in these cases and you will receive your voucher by email immediately after booking.
However, sometimes we need to check availability first. This means that your booking is in the “hold status” until we have checked the availability and confirmed it to you. This can take up to 24 hours. If your desired offer is available and has been confirmed, the payment process will only then be activated and you will receive your voucher by email. Please also pay attention to your spam folder.

A start time is specified in the product description under “Additional Information”. On the one hand, this can be the time in which you are picked up or on the other hand the start times when your offer starts. In this case, there are often different start times to choose from. The pick-up times are always subject to change and depend on various factors so that you can plan because the tour plans are only finalized shortly before the start of the tour. That’s why you will receive a message by email or WhatsApp with the exact pick-up time the evening before for tours that should start in the morning and until approx. 2 p.m. for tours that start in the afternoon.

A pick-up is provided for a large number of tours. You can see which pick-up locations are available in the product description under the “Additional Information” tab. But there are also offers, there is no pick-up and you have to come to the meeting point on your own. We will tell you where the meeting point is after booking in your booking confirmation.

For Non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol, although the individual Emirates handle this differently.

However, it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public (streets, public buildings, squares, parks, beaches) or to stumble through the city drunk.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras al Khaima, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah allow non-Muslims to drink alcohol and so alcohol is served there in hotels and restaurants, for example. As a non-Muslim, you can now buy alcohol without a permit. However, alcohol is not readily available in the supermarket. There are separate shops for this. For example, the chain of stores Spinneys offers alcohol, other shops the alcohol sell are in the streets of the city. Im Al Raha Beach Hotel , if you walk from the hotel lobby to the shopping mall, there is also a shop that sells alcohol (but there are no shop windows or notices, a sliding door opens on the right)

Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Sharjah.

And please don’t forget that the zero alcohol rule applies when driving a vehicle in the UAE!

Tourists are allowed to bring 4 liters of alcohol into the United Arab Emirates (except Sharjah).

When booking a tour, you have probably already noticed that the number of people is preset to, for example, a “2”. This means that at least 2 adults have to book the tour. Emirates4you Tour & Safari is constantly striving to offer many offers for individuals (single bookings).

Emirates4you Tour & Safari is a Leisure and Tourism Portal. We have made it our business to offer you an ever-increasing selection of activities, tours, safaris, boat tours and much more. So, you can enjoy your time without searching.

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