Revitalize Your Journey: A Guide to Refueling in the Emirates

Refueling in the Emirates
Small support for rental car drivers: interesting facts about refueling in the Emirates!

Anyone who drives a car has to refuel

Refueling in the Emirates is similar to many other countries. Modern petrol stations, with shop, car wash and smaller workshops, e.g. change to oil or tire. There are service staff at the petrol pumps who will take over the Refueling in the Emirates process for you and also clean the windows if you wish. You pay directly to the service staff in cash or by card. Driving the wrong way to a gas pump is not allowed. You definitely have to pay attention to that.

What is the price of petrol in the UAE?

The price is set once a month for all gas stations across the UAE.

The Website from ADNOC shows you the actual prices.

What are the petrol stations in the UAE called?

In Abu Dhabi, there is only one tank company and it’s called ADNOC, the petrol stations are blue. On the exit roads, for example in the direction of Al Ain, it is shown when the next petrol station is coming. Dubai has various tank companies that light up green: ENOC, Emarat Petrol Station and EPPCO. If you are in the Emirate of Sharjah then it’s ADNOC again.

Gasoline prices in the UAE
Car wash in the UAE

Service when refueling in Abu Dhabi

The service at the petrol stations is remarkable: just drive to the petrol pump, lower the window and tell the petrol station attendant what and how much you want to fill up. He then asks whether you want to pay in cash or by card and off you go. 

While Refueling in the Emirates, many also ask whether they should clean the windshield. Most petrol stations also have a car wash. For around 8.50 euros you can get a great wash. Here, too, there is service again when you drive out. There the car is being repolished, vacuuming, dusting the interior, cleaning the interior windows is actually already included in the price, but of course, the boys do not have anything for a small tip.

The best place to refueling in the Emirates we ever seen

A petrol station worth seeing is “Last Exit”. It is located exactly between Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the E11 on both sides and is at the same time a special kind of resting place. Refueling in the Emirates becomes a special experience here. With enormous creativity, they have built something worth seeing out of scrap. You must have seen it when you are on this road!

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