Road traffic fines in the UAE

In this blog, we deal with the subject of Road traffic fines in the UAE.
Road traffic fines in the UAE
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What are the rules and road fines in the Emirates?

Today a sensitive topic, but certainly interesting for many visitors to the UAE, for example when they are travelling by rental car.

Read about the road traffic fines in the UAE:

Road traffic in the UAE

Basically and in advance, in the Emirates, offences in road traffic are punished with severe penalties.

When you drive a car here, you can quickly feel why the penalties are so severe. High-powered vehicles invite you to exaggerate, where people love to drive quickly and you feel it several times a day.

So to ensure general safety, offences are punished quite harshly here.

Serious offences in traffic are highly punished

Serious offences (including driving under drugs or alcohol, causing serious injuries or death to the other party involved in the accident, driving away from an accident with injured persons, and severely damaging a vehicle) all end up in court. It is here that a decision is made about the amount of the fine and also whether there is an additional risk of imprisonment

Speeding violation with tolerance?

Speeders and a driving style that is inherently dangerous are particularly punished. They still exist in Dubai – the tolerance limit of 20 km / h, in Abu Dhabi it hasn’t been for a short time. Only 1 km / h above the prescribed maximum speed costs 300 dirhams, which corresponds to around 75 euros.

You also pay 400 dirhams (approx. 100 euros) if you change lanes or turn without blinking, are not wearing a seat belt, drive in the opposite direction of travel, prevent others from overtaking, drive below the minimum speed limit or drive in lanes that Buses or taxis are reserved.

Throwing rubbish out of the window is also punished

If a motorist exceeds the maximum speed by more than 80 km / h, it costs him 3000 dirhams (approx. 750 euros). Disregarding red traffic lights, overtaking on the hard shoulder, throwing rubbish out of the window, or “gawking” in an accident costs 1000 dirhams that are around 250 euros + 6 black points. And using the cell phone while driving is also forbidden here and costs 800 dirhams, around 200 euros.

Pedestrians have priority!

Road Traffic Fines in the UAE

Anyone who overlooks or does not stop pedestrians at pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings), does not secure an accident site, overtakes without permission, parks other road users, and ignores street signs and instructions pay 500 dirhams approx.

Misuse of parking spaces, not having a driver’s license with you, or not showing it, and driving with interior lighting or without glasses or contact lenses cost between 100 and 200 dirhams, i.e. 25 – 50 euros.

Points system for traffic offences

Of course, there is also the point system here. So, in addition to the fine, points (maximum 23) are also awarded. Of course, this only applies to the residents and not to tourists. In many cases, in addition to the fine, the car is also confiscated for up to 90 days, depending on the offence. If it concerns your rental car, for example, because you have run over a red light, then the fine of 1000 dirhams is added to 30 days of confiscation and thus the downtime for the rental company.

Overtaking: left, or right?

There is no right-hand drive requirement, in the Emirates, which means that on a multi-lane road you can overtake in every lane. In practice, in most cases overtaking is on the left. However, preventing someone from overtaking is also punished here. So please do not block the left lane if you are driving slower than the others.

The maximum speeds are indicated by signs everywhere. Within the city between 50-80 km / h, on highway 100-120 km / h, out of town 140 km / h. In Abu Dhabi, there is another motorway towards Al Ain which can be driven at 160 km / h.

The speed camera density in the Emirates is extremely high, at the exit roads about every 2 km. There are also at least as many cameras. So, it is essential to follow the traffic rules, otherwise, the holiday can quickly become more expensive than expected.

Here you will find a clear list of all offences and fines.

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